9 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pet Backpack

9 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pet Backpack

People love their pets, and they’re always on the lookout for ways to show them just how much they care, whether it’s with treats or new toys. What you may not know is that pets actually have the same needs that humans do – they just like to go about fulfilling them in different ways. That’s why owning a pet backpack isn’t so crazy after all! Here are ten surprising benefits of having one of these fun packs strapped to your pet’s back.

Dogs – They make you happier

A study shows that people who had pet dogs were happier and felt more comfortable during stressful times. Dogs can help owners feel connected to others and less lonely, according to research published in PLOS One. They’re good for your health: Dogs can help control blood pressure, cholesterol, and even your weight. If you exercise with them regularly, they can improve your fitness. If you have social anxiety or mental disorders like depression or anxiety, it may be hard to reach out for support. But a dog could provide that support without making you feel self-conscious about talking about what’s wrong or nervous about being judged by others.

Cats – They help with stress

A number of studies have shown that stroking or playing with your cat can help reduce anxiety and stress. Don’t believe it? Then let me tell you about an experiment by Dr. Elizabeth Wellesley, director of Research at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. She found that when volunteers were put under pressure to perform mentally, they performed much better if they had just petted a cat beforehand, as opposed to doing nothing or listening to music (or even if they were made to think about their own cats). If pets can improve our mental performance in such extreme circumstances, it’s fair to say having one around can boost our productivity at work too!

Birds – They boost your mood

Spending time with your pet has been shown to help improve your mood. If you’re having trouble smiling more, seeing your feathered friend can make it easier. They give unconditional love: Your furry friend is always happy to see you and never hesitates to shower you with kisses (even when they smell bad). They are low-maintenance: You don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror making sure you look perfect before heading out for dinner or drinks. Just throw on some clothes and go! They will help keep you healthy: There are plenty of physical and mental health benefits that come from owning a dog or cat—and even birds. Take walking, for example.

Guinea Pigs – They are useful in labs

Although there are many other alternatives for testing in labs, guinea pigs have been found to be particularly useful in detecting skin rashes. Guinea pigs can detect as little as one part per billion of an allergen, which makes them ideal for laboratories. On top of that, guinea pigs are low maintenance and much cheaper than large dogs. In short, they’re great at doing what they do best—detecting rashes—and quite inexpensive when compared to other lab animals.

Fish - They can be trained to do tricks

A study from Berlin found that nearly 60% of people enjoy having their pet in their room at night, and 64% say they’re more likely to go to bed when their animals are in bed with them. In addition, only 23% reported that they snore when their pets are by their side, so they can have a peaceful night’s sleep. This has some pretty sweet benefits for your health: As little as 30 minutes per day with your pets can lower stress levels, increase mental stimulation and even reduce your risk for certain health conditions like heart disease. The benefits don’t stop there though: Doctors at Ohio State University College of Medicine found that having dogs or cats can help people recover from serious illnesses faster.

Snakes - They can keep rodents away from your house

While not quite as cute as your average puppy or kitten, turtles do have a few unique benefits. As I mentioned, they’re quiet. They’re also rather tasty – unless you’re planning on eating them. On that note, consider it: even if you don’t plan on slaughtering your turtle and cooking it up with some spaghetti (I suggest marinara sauce) they can still be useful in other ways. They grow slowly and retain an old-school cool look that kids love so much – and there’s plenty of opportunities to teach them things about nature as well as themselves. Oh, and did I mention that turtles are also incredibly protective? Now isn't that just dandy!

Hamsters – They eat their droppings, saving you time and effort.

Hamsters are an obvious pet to start with, due to their small size and easy care requirements. While many people overlook these little furballs as pets, they can provide surprising benefits. Their most notable feature is that they eat their own droppings, which can save you time if you’re interested in starting your own garden. They tend to be active at night and sleep during the day, meaning they don’t require much attention unless you want them awake or need to take them out for playtime.

Turtles - As pets, they’re quiet. As food, they’re delicious!

In an emergency, your turtle can be roasted over a fire. While they’re mostly used as indoor decorations these days, in decades past they served as hunting companions and even pets for children. And, at three months old, turtles are quick and easy to cook – if you’re desperate, that is. Just cut them up into bite-sized pieces and throw them on some hot coals or grill. It may sound crazy now but one day you might need to go back to basics...just keep it legal! We do not condone or recommend eating your pets – but if push comes to shove, there are worse things out there!

Ferrets - When they get bored, they entertain themselves...by ransacking your home.

Ferrets are adorable animals that make great pets. They’re relatively low-maintenance and sleep most of their lives away, so they’re easy to have around. But be warned—just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they can turn your life upside down in an instant. Case in point: ferrets are natural pranksters that love sneaking around and causing trouble for humans. After all, it's just not fair for us to get any more comfortable than we already are. With that said, here are 10 surprising benefits of owning a pet backpack

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